Mt Albert producer, MC and visual artist Trigarow relocated from his home in Papua New Guinea at age six and hasn’t stood still since. From rallying his schoolmates for a new high school anthem at age 16, to his prolific music video output, the 20-year old works in constant double-time. Trig’s US-inspired brand of hip-hop sees him join a new generation of rappers willing to promote values over violence and ambition over aggression. In an industry that often suffers from a strange sense of entitlement, Trig is determined to be the hardest working MC in the business. Referring to his latest track ‘Up and Comers’, he explains his unwavering work ethic; “You really have to put in close to 100 percent to go anywhere. Though your friends and people around you don’t see it, your family sees how much you have to practice and work to make even the tiniest step.”