Nestled in the heart of Kingsland, Parachute Studios provide a one-stop shop for musicians, with a hub of studios, rehearsals and writing spaces. 

Our main studio features the latest ProTools HDX system with top of the line Apogee converters, Genelec monitoring and an extensive selection of the latest plugins. It can be used for anything from full recording projects to band rehearsals, live sessions and photoshoots.

Each of our three project studios have basic recording setups and are perfect for writing and light recording sessions. 
A large multipurpose room is also available for photoshoots, writing sessions and meetings.
With flexible rates, an impeccable setup and great hospitality, we can accomodate any project of any size or budget.

Parachute A Studio

See an equipment list here.
To book the A Studio or find out more information, click here.

Project Studio and Other Facilities

To look at booking a project studio or multipurpose room, or to discuss the specific needs of your project, drop us a line.

Live from Parachute Studio