Supporters - Welcome to the 2016 edition of your very own Supporters mid-winter mixtape. This is your inside look into the creative process of our Artists in Development, featuring previously unheard demos of songs in process. The mixtape showcases demos and gems written during development bootcamps, and in preparation for EP recordings, including:

  • Holly Untitled's track 'Leaving Home',  a colab with (Artist Development alumni and Airports frontman) Aaron Lee
  • Trigarow channeling powerful sentiment with in-studio collaborator Maala on 'After It All'.
  • Elijah and Leilani trading pop sensibilities on 'Bitten Red'
  • Stevie Tonks' powerhouse vocals finding a home within the stellar production of Little Oceans' Josh Edmonds.
  • Amanda Maara swerving in a beautifully alt-pop direction on 'A Dying Ember'.

We've also thrown in a couple of tracks from previous Song Grant winners, including the superbly weathered blues number 'Who You Know' by Solomon Crook, and piano-driven electro tune 'This Is Gonna Hurt' by Beauchamp.

Stream the mixtape below.