Pop newcomwer Jym has launched out with debut track 'Jungle'

A colab with Ezra Vine (the songwriter behind the 56 million-stream hit ‘Celeste) saw songwriter Micah Heath discovering a new sound, inspiring him to start out afresh under the name Jym.

Produced by Leisure songwriter Djeisan Suskov, ‘Jungle’ is an ode to dark city nights, punctuated by pulsing synth basses and 80’s guitar lines.

“The song is a conversation,” Heath explains, “an invitation to step out into the city, this neon jungle where anything can happen. Give me a chance and maybe you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“The moment I stepped into a room with Ezra Vine, I knew I was carving new ground,” he continues, “his approach to pop music is so leftfield; we ended up with this aggressive tone we were vibing on. The more I listened, the more I knew I’d found a new direction, both sonically and as an artist.”