You're Alright, Australia

The Prefix: 'Mmmurder'
Perth future-soul trio The Prefix haven't been around for long; in fact, 'Mmmurder' is their first collaboration. Electronic piano and washed-out synth loops will bring artists like James Blake to mind, but it's the barren heartbreak at the core of the lyrics that will hit you. 
"It’s kinda like murder, when you kill the love you’ve felt for so long" sings Aaron Malone. Must be watched alongside their stark visual, shot in 69,000 hectares of Western Australia bushland, recently decimated by bushfire.

The Dollar Bill Murrays: 'I Want Everything'
Deserving of a sturdy round of high-fives for their band name alone, the Brisbane quartet channel everyone from the Arctic Monkeys to Queens of the Stoneage with 'I Want Everything'.
The track has a world-weary swagger, with lazily strummed guitars, rattlesnake tambourines and singer Felix Lindgren’s assured vocals. The whole thing's a journey through the desert, complete with ruggedly simple guitar solo and a left-turn into chaos in the ending bars.

“I was searching for who I was and what I wanted to be, and I ended up neglecting some important people in my life." says Felix of the track. "At the tail end of my search I found myself looking back to where I started and realise I was happier before I started looking”

James Chatburn: 'Omens'
The Aussie producer only has one other recording under his belt (last year's '001'), but it was more than enough to impress LA label Soulection to fly him over for collaborations with heavyweights like IAMNOBODI and ESTA. 'Omens' is a sparse, sinister R&B jam, fuelled by Chatburn's phenomenal lead vocal, haunting BV's and the faraway strum of insistent guitars. That voice, though.

WHARVES: 'Man You Want Me To Be'
You'd be mistaken for thinking Lennox Head quartet WHARVES hail from some dingy industrial corner in England. The angular guitars scream Joy Division, as do the brooding vocals of frontman Matthew Collins. They've been picking up a lot of love from Triple J, and are about to embark on a pretty extensive Australian tour, which is perfect, as this kind of sound is begging to be heard live. For fans of Interpol, Foals, Strokes etc.

Dappled Cities: 'Stone Men'
With a sound described in a glowing Pitchfork review as 'widescreen', Sydney band Dappled Cities create a sound that envelopes you. They're cutting along the same line as electro vibe-funk bands like Leisure. This could be the breezy, uplifting soundtrack that helps you across the finish line of a disappointing hit-and-miss summer. Come for the vocals, stay for the the tasty sax and synth breakdown finale.