Wolf Alice: ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’

British band Wolf Alice have been hot contenders in Triple J’s Hottest 100 list, with Lorde saying she cast her vote for the band’s single ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’.

Lorde recently told Triple J she’d be voting for the tune, saying, “It’s a song that I heard only a couple of months ago for the first time. It instantly grabbed me. I thought the lyric was so cute and funny and sort of endearing, and a little bit sad; and I love her voice, and I love where the song goes. It has such a nice journey.”  

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is an 80’s inspired synth-pop gem, that explodes with colour and feeling, and gives you that giddy rush of seeing a crush for the first time.

The band’s lead singer Ellie Rowsell explained, “I wanted to write a love song because I was feeling in love. I find it hard sometimes to think with my feelings rather than my head, which is not good when it comes to love…

She added that Father John Misty was also an influence for the song, saying, “I wanted the music to be emotive and perfect for a long drive. I’d watched Father John Misty at a festival in Spain and he played ‘True Affection’, which is far more powerful live and the rolling synth gave me all the feels, so I wanted something like that in the tune.”

Listen to ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ below: