Why Generation Z Is Going Off The Grid

Have we reached peak social media yet? There are increasing reports that the youngins of Generation Z (those born after the mid-nineties) are fleeing their electronic profiles in favour of focussing on the real world.

According to The New York Times, those from Generation Z are more aware of their digital footprint than the rest of us, and simply don't want to be photographed without their permission. In other words, they’ve grown up in the digital zone and know how to navigate its pitfalls better than the rest of us.

i-D magazine have explored the idea that a bit of an exodus is happening, noting celebrities from Lena Dunham to Jaden Smith have also publicly quit their Twitter accounts in recent times.

One interviewee in their article explained that social media “is a marvelous way to stay completely un-present, feed my ego, self-sabotage and be masochistic.”

So could it be time to keep a little more aloof from the matrix? Read the full i-D article here.