Who Says Girls Can’t Find Music?

Ahh the music industry. That dark web of back alleys, board rooms and piles of cash. Famous for being an industry dominated by middle-aged males, it’s always inspiring to read about the women who work their way up in the business and break down some of the stereotypes.

Here’s a great read on Jane Abernethy who is a successful A&R manager at iconic British record label 4AD. Abernethy discovered and then signed Bon Iver, Grimes and tUnE-yArDs; and went from being an intern at the label to a respected tastemaker.

The article explains, “While awards ceremonies or album covers might appear to show a high number of women in music, anyone who has ever walked into a studio or a music business office will know that, no matter how many women are in your band or your personally-curated team, as you reach out into networks like publishing, distribution, live performance, production, law, and every other corner of the machine, you are more likely to come across a man.

“According to the British Performing Rights Society, in 2013, only 13 percent of the people in the UK drawing an income from music publishing were women, while the Music Producer’s Guild counted only 4 percent of women amongst its members.”

Click here for an inspiring read about how to make it in the industry. It also gives a good overview at what label execs are looking for when they think about signing an artist.