Watch Paramore’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’

Paramore recently performed a stripped back set for NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ series, playing a few songs off their latest album ‘After Laughter’.

The band performed singles ‘Hard Times’, ‘26’, and ‘Fake Happy’; and it’s super nice to hear the tunes in this context; broken down for a small lounge audience.

After their first track and some perfectly awkward banter to the NPR staff, Hayley Williams gave a vulnerable performance of ‘26’; a song which talks about going through a rough patch and trying to keep your hope intact.

She explained that the song was written as a letter to herself, saying, “You do have to put yourself in a place of ‘what would you say to your younger self’ or ‘what would you say to someone that was going through the same thing that you are?’ Because it’s hard to talk to yourself sometimes in a loving way. I sat on my stairs in my house for three hours and just didn’t leave until I finished it.”

Paramore performed as a 6-piece for the set, and we’re digging the stripped back versions of their new material; which all has an 80’s Talking Heads meets Blondie vibe.

Watch their mini three-song set here.