Watch: A Short Film On Self-Acceptance

London-based-Kiwi-Director Claire Littler recently created a short film for the (morbidly named) Sydney Festival ‘We’re All Going To Die’, and it’s a clever look at accepting who you are and finding freedom in it.

Titled ‘Now You See Me’, the film follows 24-year-old albino model Jordan Charles as he starts to express himself and dance in a beautifully lit old British church.

Littler explained, “Albinism is a subject that can easily coincide with a notion of rejection… I wanted to flip the idea of rejection on its head and focus on completely accepting yourself and the freedom that comes with that.”

The two minute clip follows Charles as he dances like nobody’s watching, with Leisure’s tune ‘Til’ The End Of Time’ as the soundtrack.

Charles explained, “My reason for doing almost anything that I do stems from not having any albino representation in the media growing up. Having this feeling of alienation has driven me to make a change and it would be great to inspire people that may otherwise end up in the same boat.”

Watch the video below: