Wafia: ‘Only Love’

Australian singer Wafia has released a constant stream of lushly produced singles over the past couple of years, and her latest offering ‘Only Love’ is another classic.

Her laidback brand of electronic pop has built her a solid fanbase, and she’s currently gearing up for her first American tour which will see her expand her audience on a whole other level.

‘Only Love’ was produced by HazeBanda and Roget Chahayed, who are known for producing singles for Beyonce, Solange,

M.I.A. and Kendrick Lamar. The song’s sparkling synths have a nice amount of restraint, making it perfectly stripped back as her vocals soar over it all with ease.

Wafia recently told fans, “Putting the most honest version of myself into my songs is so terrifying but being received with so much warmth means everything. Thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown the new song.”

We first caught onto the singer when she teamed up with NZ singer Thomston, for their viral single ‘Window Seat’, and the Future Classic artists looks tipped for big things.

‘Only Love’ is off Wafia’s upcoming ‘EP VIII’ which will be released on January 19. Listen to the song below: