Violents: 'Awake And Pretty Much Sober'

We've been huge fans of Springfield, Missouri outfit Violents since their batch of EP's back in 2014/15. Behind the musical moniker lies producer Jeremy Larson; a freelance string arranger - Larsen's M.O sees him teaming up with a different female vocalist for each project, including Stacy King (Eisley, Sucre), Olga Yagolnikov (Kye Kye), and singer-songwriter Annie Williams.

The classically trained Larsen nabbed the gig of a lifetime when he was asked to arrange strings for Prince's posthumous release 'Deliverance' (whether or not we'll ever get to hear it is another matter.)

Violents' latest release 'Awake And Pretty Much Sober', sees Larsen teaming up with Monica Martin, frontwoman of the Wisconsin band PHOX, and it's a stellar listen. A little poppier and direct than previous projects, AAPMS offers platforms that range from trip-hop beats to sweeping orchestral strings for Martin's beautiful voice: midpoint track 'Spark' is an aching, sparse piece of endearing piano and stripped-back vocal; it's a middle-of-the-movie heartbreak moment waiting to happen.

Throw on some headphones and tune in to the intricacies below.