Tsörf: 'Hold On To Me'

We've been hanging out for some new tunes from mysterious alt-pop artist Tsörf in the wake of the brilliant singles she dropped last year. Her latest tune, 'Hold On To Me', accompanied by a mesmerising visual, doesn't disappoint.

Part heartbreaking anthem, part soaring resolve, 'Hold On To Me' is beautifully minimalist, channeling the likes of Björk and everything that is good about Icelandic pop music. 

The video, premiered this week on Nowness, was directed by Auckland-based director Jordan Arts and choreographed by Kayla Paige. Featuring the sheltered singer circled gracefully by five dancers, the video delivers a "calming visual metaphor about struggle and resolve".

“This song is about the dark times when you feel like you're in the middle of a storm”, the singer tells Nowness, “All you can do is whisper a quiet prayer and wait it out."

Check out the video on Nowness, and listen to the song below.