Tourist: 'U'

After winning the ‘Song of The Year’ Grammy in 2015, for co-writing Sam Smith’s monster-smash ‘Stay With Me’, British producer Tourist (who’s real name is William Phillips) has steadily been picking up a following of his own.

He signed with Disclosure’s record label (Method) to release his brooding electronic jams, and swiftly started making remixes for a range of big-name indie artists including Christine and the Queens, Haim and Chvrches.

He explains, “You know a Venn diagram. My left circle would be electronic music and the right circle would be emotions, atmosphere, honesty.”

“You sit and you pour yourself into your work and you try and make something that is honest and not submit down to the level of cliché or cheapening yourself. You try to do something where your motivations are quite pure…”

Tourist will be performing at this year’s Laneway Festival, and we’re looking forward to hearing his subtle dance-bangers up close.

Check out his latest track 'U', here: