Tigertown: ‘Come My Way’

Tigertown have released the latest single off their ‘Warrior’ EP, and it’s a huge, stomping anthem about helping someone through their depression.

‘Come My Way’ has bouncing tribal beats, bombastic synths, and layered-up gang vocals that make it feel soaring and epic.

Member Chris Collins told Billboard, “We wrote 'Come My Way' last year in Nicaragua with our friend [British songwriter] James Flannigan. It's about helping someone through a time of depression… We make ourselves so emotionally vulnerable these days, which can be great but it means, now more than ever, we need to be looking out for each other always."

Tigertown toured through the States in November, and are now in the middle of a busy festival season.

Their ‘Warrior’ EP comes at the end of a trilogy of EPs; the band has spent the past two years busily creating enough content for three mini-albums.

Listen to ‘Come My Way’ below: