The Venus Project: ‘Won’t Hurt’

Broods frontwoman Georgia Nott has embarked on an ambitious new project; creating music with an all-female team.

Called The Venus Project, the offering is showcasing the work of female producers, engineers, photographers, illustrators and managers.

Nott explained to Harpers Bazaar, “From an outside perspective, the music industry seems to have a lot of strong and powerful women in it, which is totally true, but then you look behind the scenes and everybody there has worked on these albums with men, and there's hardly any female producers getting recognized, there's not a lot of female engineers, mixers, masterers and artists getting the recognition they deserve.

“I know that there are women out there that do this. I know for a fact, and I know that they're good. There's been a ridiculous amount of albums that have been made fully by men, so why can't we just do one that's all... women?”

She recruited collaborators from around the world, including Broods keyboardist and producer Camila Mora, project manager Sherry Elbe, mix engineer Adrianne ‘AG’ Gonzalez, mastering engineer Emily Lazar, producer Ceci Gomez, photographer Catie Laffoon and illustrator Ashley Lukashevsky.

Nott added, "I didn't want to call it 'By Georgia Nott' or whatever because I don't feel like it was about me and I wanted to call it something that was a project that was a collective of women from the beautiful planet of Venus, the first light of each night. It's about women in general."

The project’s first track is a stipped back ballad with cellos, plucked guitar, and Nott’s ethereal vocals. The song feels intimate and raw, and it’s nice to hear her singing on something that feels super personal.

Listen to ‘Won’t Hurt’ below, and read Nott’s full Harper Bazaar interview about the project here.