The Ruby Suns: ‘Tilt Of His Hat’

Psych-rockers The Ruby Suns built a huge local following while they were based in New Zealand.

Frontman (and leader of the pack) Ryan McPhun came to New Zealand after originally hailing from California. He now resides in Norway, and has crafted a brand new Ruby Suns album over there. 

He recently told Impose Magazine, “When I moved to Oslo I was limited by the amount of gear and the lack of space I had to make music. I started this last record in a small apartment in the middle of Oslo with a guitar, a synth, some toy percussion and my Eventide H3000 Harmonizer (FX Processor). I travelled to Copenhagen to record drums at my friend’s studio since I didn’t have a kit or a place to play one in Oslo. These limitations were kind of exciting.”

The first single from the resulting album is ‘Tilt Of His Hat’, and it’s delightfully weird. It’s a boppy, experimental pop song with bells and tempo changes, and a nifty jungle beat. We think Norway suits him.

Listen to ‘Tilt Of His Hat’ below: