Thad Kopec: 'Second Best'

Nashville folkie Thad Kopec has made a few quiet trips Down Under in the last few years, popping up in strange and beautiful places to share his delicate brand of orchestral folk music. It's fair to say his love affair with New Zealand is mutual.
Kopec's just released 'Second Best', the lead single off his upcoming album 'The Shadow and the Caster', out this April. 

"'Second Best' is the only song on 'The Shadow and the Caster' that has a tangible narrative." Kopec told The Wild Honey Pie, "I was sort of playing with that afterglow you sometimes feel after waking up from an emotionally visceral dream – that first half of the day you spend wishing to somehow go back to that place, and the inflamed state your imagination can take on as a result."

You'd be forgiven for thinking that 'Second Best' channels whispers of Sufjan Stevens' quieter work - we're struck that way too. Check out the tune below and keep an eye on Kopec's website for release details.