Taika Waititi Fronts Racism Campaign

Taika Waititi is fronting a bold new campaign for the NZ Human Rights Commission, urging New Zealanders to take a closer look at casual racism.

The campaign, which has the tagline ‘Give Nothing To Racism’, tackles the issue with a twist.

Waititi explains in a video, “Racism needs your help… You don't have to be a full-on racist, just being a tiny bit racist is enough.”

He adds, “A smile, a cheeky little giggle, even a simple nod in agreement - it all adds up and it give others the message that it's okay.”

The campaign has been backed by social media videos from more than 40 well-known New Zealanders, and will roll out more in coming months.

Watch Taika’s hilarious video below, and check out the campaign here.