Sufjan's Commandments

Alt-indie hero Sufjan Stevens has delivered a random and stunning treatise on the Ten Commandments over on his website today.
In a post called 'A Friendly Reminder Lest We Lose All Common Sense and Dignity', Stevens lists the commandments before a philosophical take on how they apply to today's fractured world.

"The Ten Commandments are neither profound nor difficult at all" he writes. "They are meant to distinguish us from barbarianism and narcissism. They are basic rules for being a human - bottom line."

"Don't do as the world implores you to "get what's yours." he continues. "You are not entitled to anything. The breath you breathe is on borrowed time. Your days are numbered. Take captive all selfishness and evil and be abundant in life! Eradicate the bulls**t. This is the day the Lord has made. Do as kindness and love concede to purity and grace and gratitude. love your enemies. Love yourself."

Sounds pretty good to us dude. 

Read the full post here.