Sufjan Stevens: the Heresy of a ‘Christian Nation’

Softly spoken indie hero Sufjan Stevens has been flipping a few tables of late, transforming his website into a running political discourse, peppered with several 'friendly reminders'; think pieces on the new US leadership and immigration stances. 
Stevens' latest reminder may be his boldest yet, and the Washington Post has just reposted it as an op-ed. Listed under the title "Stop repeating the heresy of declaring the United States a ‘Christian nation’", Stevens writes:

A “Christian Nation” is absolutely heretical. Christ did not come into this world to become a modifier. Look what happened to the Holy Roman Empire.

Jesus said you must hate your mother and father and love your enemies. This is not obtuse provocation, but it’s spiritual deployment of true identity, which no longer resides in skin color combination, ideology, genealogy, name, people, places and things, but in the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humankind, which is ruled by love at any cost.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Christ’s words, and the example of his life and death — albeit strange and socially unsuccessful (he lived and died unpopular and in poverty) — we’re equally sublime and sacrificial. To gain access to true love and true self, you must die to yourself, to your family, to your heritage, your narrow-minded ideology, your ego, your ill-conditioned consciousness and your false identity.

Check out the whole post at the Washington Post.