Street Chant Take Out The Taite Music Prize

Auckland punk band Street Chant have won the coveted 2017 Taite Music Prize, for their album ‘Hauora’.

However, band frontwoman Emily Littler (who recently relocated to LA) didn’t realise they’d won, until she went on Twitter.

She explained, “It was just really weird. I thought the ceremony was longer so I didn’t even watch the stream. And I just thought we’d never really have a chance to win. At all. I just thought I’d go to bed and see who won in the morning. But I was playing around on my phone and then The Spinoff tweeted ‘Congratulations’ and my first thought was that it was a prank.”

Spinoff writer Henry Oliver explains the appeal of their work: “‘Hauora’ is a portrait of the lives of a certain breed of the twenty-something, creative middle/under-class; over-read and under-employed, drinking too much and earning too little, busing from an existential crisis to a house party, walking from breakup to hangover.”

Street Chant beat fellow finalists Leisure, Aaradhna, Lawrence Arabia, Hopetoun Brown, Lontalius, Pacific Heights, and Shayne P Carter. Their prize includes $10,000 and lots of industry kudos.

Newcomer Merk also took out the Auckland Live Best Independent Debut Award, for his self-produced album ‘Swordfish’.

Watch the video for ‘Pedestrian Support League’ from Street Chant’s award-winning album here: