St. Vincent: ‘Los Ageless’

St. Vincent has recently released her new album ‘MASSEDUCTION’ and, in support of the album, she’s been releasing a few poptastic singles with brightly-coloured music videos.

Her new single ‘Los Ageless’ is a biting look at LA socialites and their quest to be forever young and fabulous. Produced by pop maven Jack Antonoff, it has a brasher sound than some of her earlier work with pulsing bass and an electronic drum machine.

The video, which was directed by Willo Perron, shows St. Vincent getting some drastic medical procedures (that skin stretching looks pretty disturbing), doing weird yoga stretches, and sitting in a hyperreal beauty salon.

i-D recently made a short film with St. Vincent while she was in Sydney. She explained, “This record’s about power; the seduction on a big scale and on a little scale.”

She also discussed, “the hilarity and humility that it takes to be an artist. You have to get comfortable with being bad at things, so that you can become good at them. Musicians tend to be down to earth in a way, because you start in a minivan and then you maybe bump up to a 12 passenger van, and you maybe bump up to a tour bus if you’re lucky. And if you’re like the 1% you have a private plane. If you take yourself too seriously you really will not survive. You will not survive.”

Watch the music video for ‘Los Ageless’ below, and click here to see her full interview with i-D.