So Below: ‘Ruin’

NZ goth-pop act So Below has just released her latest single ‘Ruin’; and it’s moody, ethereal pop perfection.

Beginning with pulsing bass and stabbing synths, the song sounds like it could be straight from an 80s horror movie. With Daft Punk-esque synths, the vibe feels like The Weeknd crossed with Sarah McLachlan (who knew that could be such a winning combo?).

The accompanying video was directed by Sam Kristofski, and features So Below (aka Maddie North) performing in a creepy house at night, singing from a swimming pool, as red and blue lights flash around her in the fog. She gives a convincing performance, and this is definitely her best work to date.

The chorus (with a melody that largely stays on one note) is anthemic in its simplicity. North penned the song with Chelsea Jade and Bradley Hale, and it’s a strong declaration of saying goodbye to someone you love.

The video premiered on UK blog The 405, who explained that it “strikes a Lynchian tone. The neo-noir imagery hits all the right emotional notes as the track's pulsing instrumentals propel North's ethereal vocals upward.”

Watch the clip below, and make sure you add the track to all your playlists: