Sleeping At Last Releasing the Soundtrack of You

Prolific US artist Ryan O'Neal, AKA Sleeping at Last has embarked on a new concept album, and this one is a must-listen for any creative.

Since 2012, O'Neal has been releasing EPs under a series named 'Atlas', and this year, he's tackling the theme of the nine Enneagram types.

A quick rewind for those of you who haven't heard of the Enneagram, it's a descriptor that revolves around nine distinct types of personalities - and before you roll your eyes at yet another 'personality test', take some time to check it out. Unlike many of the corporate spinoffs, the Enneagram leans on some more ancient practices, including spirituality, and seems to resonate with a lot of creatives. If you're interested, you can take a quick, free test and find your type here.

Delving into the unique characteristics of each number type, O'Neal is writing a tune inspired by each of the types, releasing them periodically along with a podcast explaining the process of creating each song, and an exploration of the intricacies of each number.

So far, he's released songs for the Type 1 and the Type 2, and they're really beautiful. Listen to them below, and better yet, take the test and find out which number you are - thanks to O'Neil, you'll have your own soundtrack soon enough.