Sinead O’Connor x Dr Phil

Dr. Phil recently invited Sinead O’Connor to appear on his popular TV show, to discuss the mental health problems she’s been frequently making headlines with.

The iconic Irish singer took the opportunity to discuss her violent childhood; her struggles with untreated trauma; and her rise to fame, which has included a few career controversies along the way.

While the full episode is not available to stream yet, short snippets from it are available on the Dr. Phil YouTube page. In one clip, the doctor explains, “I really, sincerely want to help you. You are a very important teaching tool, because you are absolutely inspirational to millions of others that are struggling with what you’re struggling with. And for you to have the courage to candidly and openly talk about this, gives others the courage to come forward and seek the help they need.”

Sinead responds, “I’m hoping we can save some lives. There’s a certain group of people who are absolutely afraid to open their mouths about mental illness, and that is rockers...people in the music business, famous people. I think it’s important that those of us in the entertainment industry actually do begin to open up.”

O’Connor posted a desperate video a few months ago, talking about being suicidal and feeling abandoned from her family. The video was her latest call for help in a series of attempts which have sparked worldwide concern for the singer.

She denied having a mental illness to Dr Phil however, saying, “Musicians are always on the edge. We’re somewhere out there. Also I’m a very severe child abuse survivor, so I’m a little out there, unusual, irregular, eccentric…”

The clips show an interesting insight into a talented artist who’s often felt like they’ve been misunderstood and demonised by entertainment media.

Dr. Phil also surprised her by offering her follow-up care in a live in facility, and he has arranged for legendary producer David Foster to write and produce a song with her.

Here’s hoping she’ll get to put out some new music soon.