Sin Fang x sóley x Örvar Smárason: ‘Random Haiku Generator’

Icelandic artist Sin Fang has announced that he’ll be releasing one collab song with sóley and Örvar Smárason every month this year; and the trio’s first track together is a beauty.

Called ‘Random Haiku Generator’, it’s a slow-burning tune that begins on a warm acoustic piano with layered vocals. Tiny electronic sounds slowly inch their way in, shimmering and weaving around some incredible melodies.

It has an almost mystical gravity to it, this one. We’re looking forward to hearing the remaining 11 songs from the collective.

Sin Fang is no stranger to collaboration; his 2016 track ‘Candyland’ featured Jónsi from Sigur Rós. He’s also made some great Spotify playlists of some of his inspirations over on Spotify (which he calls “uplifting songs hand picked by a bad boy with a heart of gold”).

Listen to ‘Random Haiku Generator’ here: