Sal Valentine Releases ‘Church’ EP

Sal Valentine has built up a solid reputation on Auckland’s live circuit with his soul/funk band The Babyshakes. Their fusion of R&B, soul, and infectious pop has made the 10-piece band hotly requested over the last few years.

Valentine’s latest work is the ‘Church’ EP, and it’s a quick-stepping burst of fun; with killer harmonies, huge brass sections, and hooks galore. 

The EP’s title track ‘Church’ is an uptempo little number, that goes unashamedly Gospel with its over-the-top gleeful lyrics.

And single ‘Just Another Lover’ is insanely catchy (and a tongue-in-cheek commentary on superficial relationships), and makes you think of both Jackson 5 and light-up dance floors.

Valentine’s voice is smooth and effortless across the songs, and you can tell that the band’s relentless performing have made these guys a slick operation.

Listen to the ‘Church’ EP on Spotify, or jam 'Just Another Lover' below: