SACHI x Thomston: ‘Ride’

Local electronic duo SACHI have teamed up with R&B singer Thomston to release a fire new single, called ‘Ride’.

After teasing fans with posters around Auckland, miniature cars covered with the ‘Ride’ logo, and short videos; the trio (who have been getting affectionately called ‘The Bleach Bois’) finally dropped the single to some serious buzz.

Thomston recently told The Edge, “It’s a song about a super dysfunctional relationship, in which there’s no communication and any time there’s an issue it’s never faced with talking.”

SACHI added that they started working on the idea Thomston had sent to them, treating it like a remix, before realising they could flesh it out into a collaborative single.

The chorus features huge Gospel harmonies, before dropping into a synth breakdown that builds to a pretty massive crescendo.

SACHI have also just been announced for Rhythm & Vines, so fingers crossed Thomston makes an appearance there too.

Listen below: