Rubén Crown: 'Too Much To Bear'

The artist formerly known as Stevie Tonks has released his third track, a sassy track that channels the confronting inner therapy of songwriting. 

The third in a trilogy of raw, genre-defying tunes, 'Too Much to Bear' is a song that crept up on Crown. “When I sat down to write the track, I was coming from a place of frustration with someone dear to me,” the songwriter explains, “They had this harmful view of themselves that was causing them pain – but this strange, self-inflicted pain.”

“It wasn’t until I had finished the song that I realised it was actually about my own inner battles” he concludes. 'Too Much to Bear' represents a realisation that in so many ways, we are our own worst enemies, and that the real battle is in confronting ourselves.”

Produced by Sam de Jong (Ginny Blackmore, Stan Walker), Too Much to Bear swings from an ominous R&B slink to the determined swagger of the chorus. As usual, Crown’s emotionality is at the forefront as he delivers what he does best; a cathartic dose of leftfield pop music.

Check out 'Too Much to Bear' below: