Rhye: ‘Taste’

LA-based duo Rhye have released their latest song, and it’s a softly-sung funk tune called ‘Taste’.

In their trademark laidback style, Rhye have infused this one with some slight disco touches. ‘Taste’ is still calm and understated like their other work, but it’s got splashes of retro colour with quietly pulsing 70s bass, funk guitars and synth stabs. It’s nice to hear them keeping true to their sound, while pushing the styling a little.

It’s been a busy year for Rhye, they’ve released a double single which featured tracks ‘Please’ and ‘Summer Days’, and they’re just about to embark on a 24-date tour that will take them everywhere from Mexico to London.

Rhye have only released one album to date; their 2013 debut ‘Woman’, which was longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize that year. And while they still seem pretty shrouded in mystery, here’s hoping they drop another record soon.

Listen to ‘Taste’ here: