Raiza Biza: ‘Strong Woman’

Hamilton rapper Raiza Biza has dropped the video for his latest single ‘Strong Woman’, and it’s a heartfelt celebration of the women he holds most dear in his life.

Directed by Raiza Biza, Isaac Lyon, and Oliver Dunn, the video starts off by following Biza’s (incredibly cute) daughter as she walks down a sunny street towards him. We then see him grocery shopping with his mother, before having a barbeque with his close knit community of friends and family.

The video feels incredibly personal, and Biza says he wrote the song, “For the mother's, the aunties and grandmother's, the sisters that ain't blood but still, they still love us”; explaining in the track that it took a village to raise him.

He also explained to fans on Facebook that the tune is, “arguably my most important record to date”.

And, quite fittingly,  the beat itself was produced by a strong woman; created by local producer Villette, with additional vocals by Mukuka. Biza explained to The Spinoff, “I always wanted to make a song like Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’ but could never find the right beat, the right combination of words for such an important song. But when Villette sent the beat, it started coming together almost like flashbacks, in my head.”

We’re enjoying all that Raiza Biza has been delivering lately, and this heartfelt track is another example of his laidback and thoughtful approach to soulful hip hop.

Watch the video for ‘Strong Woman’ below: