Racing: ‘The Bass’

Racing have dropped a hypnotic new tune called ‘The Bass’, and it’s dreamy psychedelic rock heaven.

‘The Bass’ is the band’s first release in two years, and it’ll be the first single from their upcoming EP. There’s also rumours that they’ll be playing a bunch of local headline shows in coming months to promote said EP.

Racing formed out of the ashes of The Checks, with members Edward Knowles and Sven Pettersen deciding to start a fresh project with new members Daniel Barrett and Izaak Houston. You can tell they’ve been gigging relentlessly over the past few years, with this song’s slick arrangement and tight performance.

And, though this definitely has a more sophisticated and polished sound, you can also tell the same minds that crafted those infectious Checks songs have built this. It’s an understated earworm, and when Aussie blog Play Too Much recently called them ‘rock revivalists’ we think they were on to something.

Listen to ‘The Bass’ here: