Premiere - Dossey: 'In Your Eyes'

Ever since a boombox-wielding John Cusack made it famous in 1989, Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes' has been a soaring go-to tune for the lovestruck.

It goes without saying that it takes a brave soul to tackle a song so iconic, by such a singular artist, but Austin-based Dossey has done just that. The enigmatic singer-songwriter, who lives a second life in bluegrass outfits The Reliques and Indian & The Jones, gave the tune a beautifully sparse atmospheric workover on her latest 'Electric' EP

We're lucky enough to be premiering the stunning new visual for the track, which sees the singer bathed in the neon glow of nightfall, swinging an illuminating bulb in concentric circles as the darkness eventually comes alive. It's a simply executed compliment to what's already a beautiful aural experience. The video was shot at various points of entry in Austin's Greenbelt; a naturally formed waterway fed by a few different channels, including the Edwards Aquifer,  a spring that runs below the entire city. 

"I was trying to nail down a reason that I chose to cover this specific song, and, really, it just boils down to one thing - at their core, people just want to feel loved, important, valued, cared about by someone." says the singer about her choice of cover. "For me, I find that in God. I know, for others, that one person could be your mom, a close friend, a spouse. Deep down, each of us wants to be loved and understood. I feel like our lives here on earth are all just a vast (sometimes quiet, sometimes overt) search for belonging, and it's nice to be reminded that we are not alone in that search."

Check out the video below, and listen to Dossey's 'Electric' EP on Spotify or Bandcamp.