Pop Is Changing Again (Thank Goodness)

Flick on the radio, and you’ll start to notice that littered in between the usual, indistinguishable electronic/hip-hop-inspired pop songs, a few artists are finally starting to make some bolder decisions with their music.

Selena Gomez’s stunning ‘Bad Liar’ has confirmed it. Using a sample of the bass from Talking Head’s ‘Psycho Killer’, the song is beautifully empty in it’s production and you can’t hear a synth line for miles. The hand claps have even been made with real hands.  

The tune is just clever enough to be palatable for pop radio, but it still stands out hugely for it’s organic approach. 

Similarly, Miley Cyrus has managed to pull off the same feat with her stripped-back summery guitar banger ‘Malibu’. Starting with electric guitar, loud vocals, and a (real) kick drum coming in, it couldn’t be further from her last work. Again, her voice is prominent and the production is all about the simplicity of the song, which is a very good thing.

And (love him or hate him), Harry Styles is also attempting to make guitars cool again with his Bowie-esque ‘Sign Of The Times’. The song opens with sombre piano, and calls on the organic brit-pop sound of earlier generations.

To be honest, we can’t get enough, and our ears are very thankful for the change. Here’s to many more artists embracing real instruments again, while the DJ’s of the world gently weep. If we never have to hear another vocal pitched up like a dolphin, we’ll be very very happy.

Listen to ‘Bad Liar’ here: