Physical: ‘You Can’t Have Me’

Wellington duo Physical have released their second single ‘You Can’t Have Me’ and it’s dark synth-pop gold.

Producer Nik Brinkman (Junica) and vocalist Julia Parr (Black City Lights) recently teamed up to form Physical, after meeting in a karaoke bar in New York. They explained to Coup de Main how things have been falling into place.

Brinkman explained, “We didn’t plan to do an album. We didn’t plan any of this. It just unfolded. For me, it’s quite different because in the past I’ve done things like Junica where you have an end-goal in mind - you think about, ‘What producer? What engineer?’ But on this, we just did it ourselves.”

‘You Can’t Have Me’ showcases the low-end of Parr’s stunning vocal range, as she taunts someone who’s been trying to
control her.

Physical’s full length debut album ‘Ride It Out’ is set to come out soon. Listen to ‘You Can’t Have Me’ here: