Phoenix: ‘J Boy’

Phoenix recently dropped their first album in four years (titled ‘Ti Amo’), and to celebrate they’ve made a video for the album’s first single ‘J Boy’.

Set on a fake 70s looking television show, the video shows Phoenix performing the disco-pop tune amongst bright colours and sparkling light flares. We especially love the video’s outro, which shows them walking off stage and onto an awkward TV set where the hosts have prepared wine for them to drink.

Pitchfork have named ‘J Boy’ a Best New Track, calling it a “dazzling, neon-lit discotheque whose doors swing open and whisk you in at the 10-second mark.”

The sci-fi inspired love song references dystopian ideas, radium and kamikazes; and brings you that feel-good vibe that Phoenix are known for, while still being slightly more chilled than their last couple of releases.

We forgot how much we missed that French drawl. Let’s just say it’s good to have them back.

Watch the ‘J Boy’ video below, and stream the full ‘Ti Amo’ album here.