Phebe Starr: ‘They Keep Telling Me’

Australian pop artist Phebe Starr has released a track written about an awkward songwriting session, in which she was made to feel small and unlistened to.

While songwriting sessions and collaborations are a big part of music making, Starr says she had an experience which was incredibly unprofessional.

She explains, “Two sexist jerks told me to sit in a room and shut up while they wrote a hit for me. It was humiliating and demoralised the purpose of creativity and the hard work I’ve put into creating a life filled with it. It’s horrible to have been treated as a stereotype or having to live up to one to be accepted. I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life.”

‘They Keep Telling Me’ is a synth-pop triumph, with vocals that make us think of Karen O and some sunshine-y jangly guitars.

Starr has also announced that she has a new EP on it’s way, titled ‘Chronicles’; which will be out on March 31.

Have a listen to ‘They Keep Telling Me’ here: