Phebe Starr interviews Kimbra

Australian singer-songwriter Phebe Starr recently interviewed Kiwi trailblazer Kimbra about her creative process, for online magazine The Industry Observer.

The two artists chatted about the importance of innovating, learning new technology, and developing a strong voice as female music makers.

Kimbra explained that she finds it important to always be learning new pieces of technology, so she can step outside her comfort zone; saying, “I think one of my values would be that I always want to be pushing myself and continually stepping into a new territory so that already rules out me making, you know, contrived pop music that I hate.”

They also touched on the importance of bringing back music to simple truths; and the idea that music should always stem from a place of love and truth, not fear.

Starr explained the interview to fans on Facebook, saying, “I recently had a chat with Kimbra. It was awesome. The original transcript was 40 + pages. I guess that's what happens when two outspoken women have a conversation... If you're a young musician in the industry I'd read it, I wish I'd known these things when I started.“

Read the full conversation here.