Parc Sun: 'Dopamine'

Under the moniker of Parc Sun, Wellington-based artist Jesse Austin has been making his brand of introspective indie music for a few years now, but with his latest release 'Dopamine', he seems determined to make a lasting first impression. 

It looks like Austin's stripped the web of his previous effort 'Commune', starting over with the stark black and white art of 'Dopamine'. The track's an intimate piano-driven tune, underpinned by the alluring impression of a digital rainstorm. Austin's vocals aren't in a hurry to go anywhere, brooding and heavy, complete with a Bon Iver-esque choir of autotuned harmonies in the chorus.

"'Dopamine' is a brooding minimalist track that explores ideas of regret and being controlled by impulse" says Austin, "It looks at the intimate relationship between head and heart, accompanied by a contemplative, and at times meditative, bed of sound."

'Dopamine' is the perfect listen on a grey day; it's also begging to be the soundtrack of some pivotal movie walkaway scene. Listen below, and keep up with Parc Sun on Facebook.