Paramore Release Video For ‘Told You So’

Paramore are currently making a major comeback, with a new line-up and a whole new sound.

The newly reformed band is now a trio; featuring Hayley Williams, original drummer Zac Farro (who left for seven years and has fallen in love with all things French by the looks of his side project), and long-standing guitarist Taylor York.

After returning with catchy post-punk single ‘Hard Times’, Paramore have quickly followed up with their latest single ‘Told You So’. Their new stuff is definitely drawing on material from 80s icons like Blondie and Talking Heads, and it’s breathed a whole new life into their pop-rock sound.

Farro directed the ‘Told You So’ video (along with the band’s film maker friend Aaron Joseph), and it features some impeccable Wes Anderson-esque styling. It also tugs on the heart-strings a bit; Hayley Williams must have gone through the ringer with so many band members changing and quitting over the years.

Williams recently told Entertainment Weekly, “Anytime you grow up in a group of friends, you’re going to fight about things, and that’s really no different than our situation. We have to live some of that stuff out, and unfortunately, there’s no way to do that gracefully. It was embarrassing, you know? It still sucks. It’s life, though, and sometimes life is really painful.”

Watch it below: