ONONO: ‘Bad Posture’

We’re calling your favourite new act.

Jono Nott (cousin of Georgia and Caleb Nott from Broods), has started releasing a tasty new musical project.
The multi-instrumentalist has released his debut album ‘Bad Posture’ under the moniker ONONO, and it’s seven tracks of laid-back and groovy psychedelic jams. The drummer delivers solid beats and an accessible DIY recording style.

ONONO has definitely drawn some heavy inspiration from the likes of Ty Segall, Tame Impala, UMO and Silicon; and the end result is a very listenable collection of fuzzy guitar pop. Perfect for those summer road trips and barbeque days.

The Wellington-based creative has been on tour around the U.S. drumming with Broods, as well as playing beats for a range of local indie bands.

He explained his desire to create something himself after touring with Broods to Lo and Behold, saying, “When you play in a band the reason it’s so successful and you come up with so many ideas is because you’ve got so many minds on the job… I guess I was trying to test myself - how much can I do just by myself?”

The result: a debut that he wrote, performed and recorded by himself. While we’d like to hear him push the envelope a little beyond his references, this is a pretty undeniable debut.

Give it a listen below.