Omega Levine Releases New Music

Omega Levine has started releasing solo material, after taking some time away from the spotlight.

After singing vocals with Parachute Band, Levine has slowly been crafting new music with a range of local producers.

He’s released a couple of new jams on his Soundcloud page; a short interlude called ‘Tragedy’ which was produced by Pete Wood, and a song called ‘Chasing’ which was produced by Havvks.

‘Tragedy’ is a simple acoustic guitar jam which showcases Levine’s heartfelt pipes and tugs at the old heartstrings. And ‘Chasing’ is an electronic R&B track.

Levine has also featured vocals on a couple of Digital Playground tunes, which have been getting some nice rotation on George FM.

Have a listen over on his Soundcloud below and check out his work with Digital Playground here.