Nick Murphy: ‘Stop Me, Stop You’

Nick Murphy has released a second song under his real name, which will be the lead single from his upcoming album.

Originally performing under the pseudonym Chet Faker and having huge success with his debut album Built On Glass, the Australian producer and singer is now going under his real name.

‘Stop Me, Stop You’ is an eight minute masterpiece that was co-produced by Darkside’s Dave Harrington, and it’s split into two distinct sections. Starting out as an electronic jam with synths and dynamic beats, it switches to a moving piano ballad at the halfway mark.

Murphy explains, “The second half of the song is talking to the first half, and the first half is setting up the second half, so you really need to listen to the full version to get the vibe.”

He says his second album is “basically done”, and it will be released very soon. Watch this space.

Have a jam below.