​Nakita: ‘Addicted’

She’s had a busy 2016. After bursting onto the Spotify landscape this year, Nakita is back with her fourth track; and it’s a bit of a catchy pop banger.

The 18-year-old singer has been travelling to-and-from her Christchurch base to craft tunes with a range of Kiwi musicians and producers, including LA-based producer Leroy Clampitt.

She explains, “The first day Leroy and I met, we crafted up this little anthem alongside Ruby Frost. This started it all for me.”

Addicted, which tackles the theme of our society’s obsession with social media, features heavy percussion and a jangly piano loop. The track’s organic-electronic soul vibe creates the perfect bed for her lush vocals to sit over.

With production that’s reminiscent of Jarryd James, producer Leroy Clampitt has once again shown he’s a boss of the modern pop sound.

Nakita has been up in Auckland recently to spend more time at Parachute studios, co-writing with a range of songwriters and producers for her next batch of material. She’s also announced that she’s been rehearsing with a band, meaning live shows can’t be too far off. Watch this space.

Listen to ‘Addicted’ below.