Nadia Reid Shares Video For ‘Preservation’

Folk Songwriter Nadia Reid has shared a video for the title track off her new album, ‘Preservation’.

Reid directed the video herself, working with longtime collaborator Julian Vares who shot and produced it. There’s something really grounding about seeing the songstress walking through the quiet Dunedin streets, where she originally hails from.

Featuring horses, pastoral imagery, and the quiet sunny streets of Port Chalmers; the vid gives a nice context to the new work we’ve been hearing from Reid.

She explained in a statement, “We shot this film over two days on the streets I grew up on in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand. The dancer, Bebe, I met in a record shop in Dunedin and instantly wanted her to be in the film. Her grace, and self-assured-ness was astounding and for me, it fit perfectly. Bebe, and Lisa Wilkinson, who choreographed the dance completely nailed it."

It’s been a busy little time for Reid, who was recently shortlisted for the APRA Silver Scrolls with her tune ‘Richard’. She’s also about to embark on a European tour which will see her playing shows everywhere from London to Prague.

Watch the video here: