Mzwètwo: ‘Talk To Me’

Auckland rapper and producer Mzwètwo is on a creative streak; releasing weekly songs over on his Soundcloud page.

His latest tune is a laid-back jam, featuring autotuned vocal hooks and upright piano with a breezy beat underneath.

‘Talk To Me’ has a lighter vibe than some of Mzwètwo’s more recent stuff, and he even captioned the song with “Cute TBH”.

Mzwètwo recently discussed his influences on Under The Radar, saying, “I kind of live hip-hop but I’ve always been inspired by rock 'n' roll. Rock music has a lot of heritage – you can see the phases it went through – from 60s folk to heaps of mega bands in the 70s through to the 80s and to now. I care about heritage a lot. I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t pay mind to heritage or have intention. I feel like my music is a dialect of hip-hop and rock. Because it’s new there is nothing to follow. I have to learn slowly and connect the dots.”

We look forward to hearing what he comes up with next. Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ here: