Mzwetwo Drops ‘Gallantino II’ EP

After a three-year wait, NZ rapper/producer Mzwetwo has dropped a fire new EP.

Collaborating with local creatives Young Tapz and Otis, Mzwetwo crafted three new tracks for the EP that blend a range of musical influences. He somehow fuses Michael Jackson inspired synths, with gangsta rap beats, tropical marimbas, and acoustic guitar.

It’s also refreshing to hear him make the transition from solely rapping, to softly singing melodies on a couple of these tracks.

His new stuff definitely has a darker edge (skip ‘Gallantino Gang’ if you’re language sensitive); but the lyrics on ‘God Told Me’ are especially poignant. It’s nice to hear him showing more vulnerability this time around.

The Zimbabwean-born artist explained his unique musical perspective to Noisey, saying, “Living in New Zealand and being black offers you a very different worldview than black people in other countries. No one looks like you and no one shares your culture. Growing up around white modern culture, I never listened to rap music, I only listen to Green Day, Slipknot and all those bands.

“It wasn't until I started watching TV that I saw rappers and people that looked like me. That was the first moment I realised that being black was cool.”

Have a listen to his new material here: