MUNA: ‘I Know A Place’

NME recently published their ‘Best Songs Of 2017 (So Far)’ list, and girl-pop trio MUNA got a spot in the coveted top 10.

The LA trio released their debut album ‘About U’ this year, and it’s filled with infectious 80’s pop that merges influences like The Cranberries with Wilson Phillips, together with guitar stabs and funky beats. They’re like a grittier version of Haim, and once you start playing them you probs won’t be able to stop.

A standout track that showcases their incredible storytelling is the band’s single ‘I Know A Place’. It’s a total anthem, which somehow manages to sound completely radio-friendly while still feeling honest, vulnerable and cool.

The band wrote in a statement below the song’s video, “We wanted this video to be a depiction of the fact that acknowledging the humanity of your enemy can be the most powerful battle tactic of all. Lay down your weapon.”

Watch the video for ‘I Know A Place’ below: