MUKI: ‘Sassaparilla’

Muki is a brand new pop artist to come out of Sydney, and she’s making music that sounds like trippy electronic cotton candy.

Muki (real name: Maddie Crabtree) has grown up with a psychologist mother and blues musician father (Dr. Bob aka Jeff Crabtree) and her debut single is catchy, and beautifully odd.

Bringing to mind instant comparisons to Charli XCX’s latest stuff, and the PC Music movement, ‘Sassaparilla’ is a dreamy, barbie-girl pop track that instantly conjures up pastel coloured feelings.

Muki explains, “‘assaparilla’ is about being unique, and giving oneself permission to not be another chain in the scene, but allowing yourself to express your individuality. I wrote it out of frustration. I would go to these social events and everyone would look the same, talk the same, and butt-lick each other. I was over it. When you take a sip of ‘Sassaparilla’ it gives you the freedom to be who you want and say what you want... even if it is a bit sassy.”

‘Sassaparilla’ is the first release on Palace Records, which is Phebe Starr’s brand new record label (which we’re very excited to hear more from). Go girls.

Listen below.